at the Advanced Photon Source

Support Equipment

Online Ruby System

  • Two online ruby and one online Raman systems available
  • Laser wavelengths - 532 nm (ruby) and 488 nm (Raman)
  • Ocean Optics HR 2000+ spectrometer (ruby)
  • ~89 mm working distance

Diaphragm Pressure Control System

  • Available at every experimental hutch
  • Diaphragm pressures to 2000 psi.
  • Canisters/adapters for several standard DAC designs.


Flow Cryostat

  • He gas flow cooling
  • Temperatures down to 4.2 K
  • Allows pressure control via diaphragm, gear
    box, or lever arm
  • Can accommodate most DAC types
  • ~60º downstream viewing angle

Cold Finger Cryostat

  • Cooling through thermal contact with copper block
  • Temperatures to 10 K
  • Pressure control available with diaphragm
  • Accommodates symmetric cell
  • ~90º downstream viewing angle