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High Pressure Synchrotron Radiation Meeting

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Past discussions

Date: November 16, 2017 - 3pm
Speaker:Ross Hrubiak
Topic:Development of portable laser heating system

Date: September 28, 2017 - 3pm
Speaker:Dmitry Popov
Topic:Polytypism and stacking disorder

Date: March 23, 2017 - 3pm
Speaker:Changyong Park
Topic:X-ray micro tomography at high pressure

Date: February 23, 2017
Speaker:Ross Hrubiak
Topic:Diffuse scattering

October 20, 2016
Speaker:Yue Meng
Topic:Thermal equation of state – whereshouldfuture effort be?

September 29, 2016
Speaker:Jesse Smith
Topic:Recent experiences with new hardware at IDA/IDB

June 16, 2016
Speaker:Yuming Xiao
Topic:Valence to core X-ray Emission Spectroscopy

March 24, 2016
Leader:Paul Chow
Topic:A proposed spectrometer which is currently being designed


December 17, 2015
Leader:Wenge Yang
Topic:Potential applications of a high coherent source for high pressure research

October 29, 2015
Leader:Ross Hrubiak
Topic:Materials characterization methods utilizing modulated/pulsed lasers, and their potential application to high-pressure synchrotron techniques.

July 24, 2015
Leader:Chuanlong Lin
Topic:Time resolved diffraction studies

June 26, 2015
Leader:Cheng Ji
Topic:Hydrogen at extreme conditions – current status and experimental challenges

May 6, 2015, 1PM.
Special micro-workshop on highest static pressure.
We will review the historic/landmark and recent experiments in which the highest static pressure was achieved (or claimed to have been achieved) in Diamond Anvil Cells (above 300 GPa) and in large volume presses (above ~50 GPa). Special attention will be paid on the rapidly developing double-stage anvil cell techniques and developments. Based on this review we hope to get an idea of what is the right way (or ways) to go to achieve the highest possible static pressure in DAC and LVP, as well as how to consistently and reliably achieve >300GPa in DACs and >50 GPa in LVP(PE) at our facilities .

Speakers and topics:

  • Yoshio Kono (with possible contribution from Yanbin Wang): review papers claiming highest pressure reached in Large Volume Presses (including PE)
  • Stas Sinogeikin: review of the papers claiming highest pressure static experiments in DAC
  • Alex Goncharov: experience and challenges with double-stage DAC at multi-megabar pressures.
  • Vitali Prakapenka: experience on reaching static pressures exceeding 5 megabar using nanopolycrystalline second stage diamonds (work with Leonid Dubrovinsky)
  • Bing Li: Reaching Mbar pressure using beveled diamond anvil cell and recent results to ~4Mbar experiment


February 25, 2015
Leader:Dmitry Popov
Topic:Examples of X-ray microstructural studies either in high pressure area or in closely related fields with potentialimplementation for high pressure research

January 28, 2015
Leader:Changyong Park
Topic:X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy with Diamond Anvil Cells and High-Energy X-rays


November 10, 2014
Leader:Maria Baldini
Topic:Inelastic X-ray scattering and XAS/XMCD and how this technique are crucial to study strongly correlated materials

August 29, 2014
Leader:Jesse Smith
Topic:Detectors and software, including use of energy threshold in Pilatus 1M, the idea of oversampling detectors, and ongoing attempts to understand apparent spatial distortion in PE detector.
Guest speaker:Clemens Prescher from GSECARS
Topic:An introduction to a new data analysis software, DIOPTAS.

July 31, 2014
Leader:Wenge Yang
Topic:Potential applications of x-ray/neutron small angle scattering for high pressure research

April 24, 2014
Leader:Yuming Xiao
Topic:Non-Fe nuclear resonant scattering under high pressure

April 3, 2014
Leader:Ross Hrubiak
Topic:Melting and pulsed laser heating

January 30, 2014
Leader:Yue Meng
Topic:The results of testing and commissioning of the new spectrometer and camera for laser heating


October 31, 2013
Leader:Dmitry Popov
Topic:Generally used approaches to deal with single-crystal diffraction data with limited signal/noise ratio

September 25, 2013
Leader:Changyong Park
Topic:High-pressure SAXS/WAXS and a possible extension of BM-D application

August 29, 2013
Leader:Hongping Yan
Topic:On-going work on structure, dynamics, and reactivity of fluids at mineral interfaces at high pressure

July 25, 2013
Leader:Maria Baldini
Topic:Observation of nano-scale phase separation

June 27, 2013
Leader:Jesse Smith
Topic:Items related to the more general topic of corrections to measured x-ray intensities

May 30, 2013
Leader:Wenge Yang
Topic:Synchrotron imaging capabilities at APS and ESRF

Mar 28, 2013
Leader:Yuming Xiao
Topic:Negative linear compressibility

January 22, 2013
Leader:Paul Chow
Topic:Focusing x-ray with monocapillary


November 29, 2012
Leader:Yue Meng
Guest speaker:Elizabeth Moog
Topic:Undulator basics and performance

November 1, 2012
Leader:Dmitry Popov
Topic:Current status of high pressure protein crystallography

September 27, 2012
Leader:Arun Bommannavar
Topic:An overview of Data Collection Techniques at APS

August 23, 2012
Leader:Maria Baldini
Topic:Metal-Insulator Transition in VO2

May 24, 2012
Leader:Jesse Smith
Topics:1. In-situ reactions in DACs, leading to unusual experimental results (CaLi2 and O2/He mixtures). 2. Experimental considerations and capabilities of the anticipated Pilatus 1M.

April 26, 2012
Leader:Wenge Yang
Topic:Nanoporous structure study under high pressure

March 29, 2012
Leader:Yuming Xiao
Topic:Superconductivity under high pressure and our recent developments with polycapillary IXS and XES

January 25, 2012
Leader:Paul Chow
Topic:Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering studies of elementary excitations


December 19, 2011
Leader:Yue Meng
Topic:Non-hydrostatic stress and its effect on pressure calibration

November 30, 2011
Leader:Lin Wang
Topic:High pressure studies on carbon materials

October 27, 2011
Leader:Dmitry Popov

September 29, 2011
Leader:Arun Bommannavar
Guest speakers:Mitch McCuiston and Claude Saundersfrom APS Software Service Group
Topic:Current software development projects at APS

August 31, 2011
Leader:Maria Baldini
Topic:EXAFS and PDF techniques coupled with High Pressure.

July 29, 2011
Leader:Changyong Park
Topic:X-ray interface and surface scattering (environmental cell design)

July 1, 2011
Leader:Yang Ding
Topic:Photon induced phase transitions in manganites

May 24, 2011
Leader:Jesse Smith
Topics:Optical pressure sensors and various topics

April 26, 2011
Leader:Yuming Xiao
Topics:Topological insulators , high pressure studies on Be2Te3, and time-resolved XRD

March 23, 2011
Leader:Wenge Yang
Topics:High pressure superconductivity

February 25, 2011
Leader:Stanislav Sinogeikin
Topics:Overview of RSI 2010 papers relevant to high pressure research


December 21, 2010
Leader:Lin Wang

November 19, 2010
Leader:Dmitry Popov

October 21, 2010
Leader:Arun Bommannavar

September 22, 2010
Leader:Yuming Xiao

August 31, 2010
Leader:Yang Ding
Topic:High-pressure 1s resonant emission pre-edge spectroscopy of
3d transition-metal compounds

July 29, 2010
Leader:Changyong Park

June 25, 2010
Leader:Yue Meng
Topic:Calcium at High Pressure and low temperatures

May 27, 2010
Leader:Paul Chow
Topic:Dealing with undulator heat-load on the first monochromator crystal

April 29, 2010
Leader:Wenge Yang
Topic:Varied synchrotron techniques used at other beamlines

March 26, 2010
Leader:Stanislav Sinogeikin
Topic:Overview of recent papers from Journal of Synchrotron Radiation