at the Advanced Photon Source

Guoyin Shen named as Principal Scientist

Photo of Guoyin Shen
Photo: Guoyin Shen, Ph.D.

Dr. Guoyin Shen has had a long and dedicated career in the high-pressure research field. Following his Ph.D., and then a Postdoc position at Carnegie, Guoyin joined APS, first at GSECARS sector 13 and then transitioning to HPCAT sector 16 in 2005. With broad experience in online and offline experimental platforms, he has made numerous contributions to various branches of high-pressure research.  Guoyin has previously held beamline scientist and HPCAT management positions and is also an elected fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America. With the transition to Principal Scientist in the HPCAT group, within the X-Ray Science Division (XSD) of APS, Guoyin will be able to shift his focus from beamline user support to broader support of research and development of cutting-edge x-ray diagnostics, implementation of new online/offline capabilities, helping leverage the new x-ray platforms across APS for high pressure research, and providing broader technical expertise for various HPCAT efforts. Congratulations to Guoyin in the new role!

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