at the Advanced Photon Source

Rostislav Hrubiak appointed to lead Laser Heating at 16-ID-B

Photo of Dr. Ross Hrubiak
Photo: Ross Hrubiak, Ph.D.

Rostislav (Ross) Hrubiak has been appointed as the new Beamline Scientist in charge of the laser heating (LH) dedicated setup at 16-ID-B. Following the retirement of Yue Meng, Ross is assuming the role of the main technical lead for all LH efforts. He is responsible for user operations, LH development and improvements, and advancing the frontiers with LH and the newly upgraded APS x-ray beam. Ross has been a key member of HPCAT since joining in 2013 as a postdoc, collaborating with Guoyin Shen and Yue Meng on LH experiments. He then transitioned to 16-BM-B, serving as the Beamline Scientist overseeing the Paris Edinburgh (PE) press effort. As part of the BM-B PE press initiative, Ross has played an instrumental role in collaborating with HPCAT colleagues Curtis Kenney-Benson and Guoyin Shen to develop upgrade plans for the PE press at 16-BM-B. Additionally, Ross has been mentoring junior staff member Innocent Ezenwa and postdoc Tyler Eastmond, who will now be responsible for supporting and serving as the primary contacts for PE press efforts at 16BM-B.

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