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HPCAT Newsletter - March 2024



Dear HPCAT community, we hope everyone is having a good start to 2024 calendar year. As you know, APS and HPCAT are currently still in upgrade shutdown, but working diligently toward user resumption. Overall, there is a lot going on and we are introducing this newsletter to help keep our community in the loop on various activities and upcoming events. 

This newsletter is meant to provide some quick status update snapshots and we invite you to also share with us and the community any highlights and other relevant information you may have – if you have information that you like to have included in a future newsletter, please reach out to Freda Humble at fhumble@anl.gov

We hope that you find the newsletter useful and please feel free to reach out to me or Freda if you have suggestion on how to improve the newsletter.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you at HPCAT soon,

Nenad Velisavljevic, 
HPCAT Director


CLICK HERE for a pdf version HPCAT Newsletter Mar2024.pdf

To see the prior newsletter HPCAT Newsletter v3 Feb2024.pdf    

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