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Registration is now open for the HPCAT-U Workshop - November 7-9, 2023 at APS/ANL

Image of HPCAT's beamlines design view
HPCAT Workshop 2023

Registration is now open for the Opportunities for Advancement for Studies of Matter at Extreme Condition with APS/HPCAT-Upgrade to be held at the APS Conference Center, building 401-402, November 7-9, 2023. https://cvent.me/Bke3M5


APS is currently undergoing a major upgrade to the storage ring lattice, which will result in reduced beam emittance and a significant increase in brightness. HPCAT is taking full advantage of the upgraded APS source-beam and we are undergoing (in tandem with APS-U) major upgrades to all existing beamlines and capabilities, as well as adding new emergent capabilities for advanced studies of matter at extreme conditions.    

The November 2023 workshop will focus on: 

  • APS-upgrade enhancements and impact on HPCAT  
  • HPCAT-upgrade enabled capabilities and opportunities in pushing cutting edge in x-ray platforms for high pressure research 
  • Priority research directions and first-experiments post HPCAT-U
  • Upgrade progress and timelines for resumption of beamline operation and bringing back user community  

In addition to gathering for fruitful scientific and upgrade discussion, part of the workshop will be dedicated to celebrating 20-plus-years of continuous HPCAT operations.    

Please save the date (Nov. 07-09, 2023) and further aspects, including registration information, student travel support, agenda and list of speakers, as well as additional details regarding the anniversary celebration will be sent by mid-September.  

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

HPCAT team and organizers


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