at the Advanced Photon Source

Tyler Eastmond joins HPCAT

Photo of Tyler Eastmond
Photo: Tyler Eastmond, Ph.D.

HPCAT welcomes Tyler Eastmond as a post-doctoral research scholar. Tyler recently earned his Ph.D. at the Arizona State University, where he worked on a range of problems that included experiments and theory. His research included molecular dynamics simulations, finite element analysis of mechanical deformations of large volume cell assemblies, as well as understanding the effect of pressure on carbon-rich polymers. Tyler has recently spent time here at HPCAT as a graduate intern with Dr. Guoyin Shen and Dr. Rostislav Hrubiak performing measurements of the pressure dependence of carbon-rich polymers using double stage compression in a Paris-Edinburgh Cell (PEC). Tyler brings his unique background in mechanical engineering and materials physics to work on the development of thermal and electric transport measurements in a PEC. The successful implementation of this technique would open a plethora of possibilities including the study of the effects of pressure on electrical transport, latent heat, and melting. We are excited to welcome Tyler to HPCAT!

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