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Overview of HPCAT's Capabilities and Recent Developments

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Journal - Physics and Chemistry of Minerals

HPCAT recently published a review article on HPCAT operations and capabilities.  This Open Access article is part of a broader scope Special Volume in Physics and Chemistry of Minerals: Experimental & Analytical techniques at extreme and ambient conditions publication. 

Overall, the array of online/offline capabilities is described, including some of the recent developments for remote user support and the concomi­tant impact of the current pandemic. General overview of work done at HPCAT and with a focus on some of the minerals relevant work and supporting capabilities is also discussed. With the impending APS-Upgrade (APS-U), there is a consider­able effort within HPCAT to improve and add capabilities. These are summarized briefly for each of the end-stations.

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r, Arunkumar; Paul Chow, Rich Ferry, Rostislav Hrubiak, Freda Humble, Curtis Kenney-Benson, Mingda Ly, Yue Meng, Changyong Park, Dmitry Popov, Eric Rod, Maddury Somayazulu, Guoyin Shen, Dean Smith, Jesse Smith, Yuming Xiao, and N. Velisavljevic. (2022)
Overview of HPCAT and capabilities for studying minerals and various other materials at high pressure conditions
Phys Chem Minerals 49, 3

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