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Dana Dattelbaum receives Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award

Photo of Dana Dattelbaum
Dr. Dana Dattelbaum, LANL

Congratulations to Dana Dattelbaum, our partner member from Los Alamos National Laboratory and longtime HPCAT user, on receiving the prestigious Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award.  With this award, Dana is being recognized as one of the premier U.S. scientists and engineers contributing in research and development supporting the Energy Department’s missions in science, energy, and national security. The Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award was established in 1959 in honor of a scientist who helped elevate American physics to world leadership (https://science.osti.gov/lawrence). 

With this award, Dana is being
honored for “several transformative scientific and intellectual achievements, including her pioneering work providing physical insights into shock and detonation physics, her innovations in the development of the Equations of State of a spectrum of energetics and polymers, and providing critical data for hydrodynamic simulations essential to the nuclear weapons program.” Dattelbaum has played a pivotal and leading role in advancing the experimental study of materials under extreme conditions at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  https://www.energy.gov/science/articles/energy-secretary-brouillette-announces-2020-ernest-orlando-lawrence-award-winners

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