at the Advanced Photon Source

HPCAT Hosts Workshop


HPCAT hosted a workshop on January 16-17, 2020 to welcome new member users.  Almost 50 participants from 20 institutions attended the 2 day event to learn about techniques and capabilities for high pressure research available at the HPCAT facility.  The hands-on portion of the workshop provided a valuable opportunity to learn and practice a variety of skills used in high pressure synchrotron experiments.

With the vast improvements in synchrotron source properties on the horizon, together with novel high-pressure technologies, and advanced detectors, we now have the opportunity to help advance materials research at extreme conditions and further support our NNSA laboratory and SSAA partners.  The workshop is one way we foster collaboration amongst NNSA laboratories, NNSA-Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Program, and the broader high pressure scientific community, in the effort to build a stronger and diverse HPCAT user program.

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