at the Advanced Photon Source

HPCAT Workshop on Time-resolved Synchrotron Techniques


A Workshop on high-pressure time-resolved synchrotron techniques was held on September 25-27, 2014 at the Advanced Photon Source Conference Center and HPCAT, Argonne National Laboratory. More than 100 participants attended this two-and-a-half-day workshop. The attendees represented a diverse group of researchers at various career stages from different countries (US, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, India, and Australia) and different research environments (universities, national labs, research institutions and user facilities). Attendance of 32 young career scientists (students and postdocs) was made possible through generous travel grants from COMPRES and CDAC.

The workshop purpose and goals included:

  • Identifying scientific goals and associated technical challenges for time-resolved studies using synchrotron radiation and laser driven sources
  • Presenting recent results of time-resolved high pressure research carried out at HPCAT and other facilities
  • Demonstrating available facilities and software during hands-on sessions
  • Motivating students and early career researchers to pursue time-resolved research programs

The workshop focused on novel and emerging techniques and capabilities, and the presentations were mostly given by known experts in the related fields in order to provide a balanced representation and coverage in specified sub-fields. The plenary part of the workshop consisted of one general overview and perspectives session and four topical sessions with 28 talks covering:

  • Time-resolved high-pressure x-ray imaging
  • X-ray micro-diffraction with fast compression and decompression
  • Pulsed/ramped laser heating and x-ray micro-diffraction
  • New time-resolved high-pressure X-ray techniques and directions and related topics (including time-resolved Laue techniques, time-resolved inelastic techniques, laser based dynamic compression of materials and an overview of current status and new developments in fast detectors)

There were 39 posters in the poster session, including techniques and instrumentation posters from HPCAT and contributed posters from attendees (mostly young career scientists).

On the third day, attendees participated in four parallel hands-on / demonstration sessions. These sessions were held at HPCAT and covered:

  • Fast (de) compression and cyclic pressure generation and control in DAC,
  • Pulsed and ramped laser heating in DAC,
  • Fast imaging,
  • Large-volume data reduction and analysis.

The hands-on / demonstration sessions were followed by tours of HPCAT experimental facilities.

Workshop organizing committee: Stas Sinogeikin (CIW), Tom Duffy (Princeton), Will Evans (LLNL), John Tse (USASK), Nenad Velisavljevic (LANL), Choong-Shik Yoo (WSU)

Local Organizing committee (HPCAT/CIW): Stas Sinogeikin, Yoshio Kono, Yue Meng, Dmitry Popov, Guoyin Shen, Jesse Smith, Yuming Xiao, and Freda Humble (local administrator).

Workshop was sponsored by HPCAT, COMPRES and CDAC

The PDF file with complete program, abstracts, and list of participants is attached.

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