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HPCAT logoThe APS and HPCAT Upgrades:
Challenges and Opportunities for High Pressure Science
Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday, Jan, 19, 20, and 22, 2021
Location:  Virtual format

APS is currently on track and still preparing for an upgrade starting ~mid-2022. The upgrade (APS-U) is a complete rebuild/enhancement of the storage ring and will have a significant impact on most of the APS beamlines and capabilities.

Along these lines, we at HPCAT along with our user community, are preparing accordingly. In order to make sure that we are taking full advantage of an enhanced APS-U, while meeting our user community needs, we are organizing an HPCAT-Upgrade (HPCAT-U) workshop. 

The goal of the workshop is to communicate the current status and scope of APS-U, as well as the ongoing plans for HPCAT-U. The workshop will provide an opportunity for feedback from a broad range of user and partner representatives regarding the science drivers, ideas, and technological needs that have shaped the current HPCAT-U plans. At the conclusion of the workshop, the organizing committee, based on the input from all of the participants, will update the working HPCAT-U document that guides development and implementation toward HPCAT-U.

Please note, due to the ongoing COVID situation, this workshop will be fully virtual using the BlueJeans platform. In order to provide a collaborative and productive engagement with participants, we are limiting the workshop to a smaller (~50 participants) representative group of our user community and all registration-attendance will be by invitation only. 

The workshop includes speakers (see agenda) and participants. Limit to ~50 total participants from: LLNL/LANL/SNL, CDAC, NNSA-SSAA Academic partners, HPCAT staff, and the broader HPCAT user community representatives. 


Agenda (tentative _ ver. 2021Jan6)

                   The APS and HPCAT Upgrades:
 Challenges and Opportunities for High Pressure Science
       Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday, Jan, 19-20-22, 2021


                       Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021

Focus on our partner and broader community future needs and vision
10:00am Opening remarks and charge to workshop Nenad Velisavljevic, HPCAT
10:25am HPCAT current techniques and capabilities overview Maddury Somayazulu, HPCAT
10:50am Next generation experiments view from Los Alamos National Lab Blake Sturtevant, LANL
11:30am Next generation experiments view from LLNL Will Evans, LLNL
12:10pm Next generation experiments view from Sandia National Lab Chris Seagle, SNL
12:50pm                                      Break for Lunch  
1:30pm CDAC's vision for next generation experiments Rus Hemley, CDAC - Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
2:10pm WSU and NNSA Academic Partner representative view for next generation experiments Choong-Shik Yoo, Washington State University
2:50pm                                      10 Minute Break  
3:00pm Next generation experiments – broader user community. Timothy Strobel, Carnegie Institution for Science
3:40pm Next generation experiments – broader user community. Thomas Duffy, Princeton Univ.
4:20pm                                   Participants dismissed  
4:30-5:30pm Core workshop organizers meet to summarize day 1 Nenad/Zulu/Eric/Kevin - HPCAT

                         Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021

Status from APS-Upgrade, including featured beamlines, optics, machine learning, detectors, and other opportunities
10:00am APS-U and featured beamlines Dean Haeffner (APS-U project group)
10:40am Use of the coherent properties of the beam for HPCAT experiments Chris Jacobsen, Northwestern Univ. and ANL
11:10am                                          10 Minute Break  
11:20am Optics developments, with particular relevance to HPCAT Lahsen Assoufid, APS-XSD
11:50am Detector developments, with particular relevance to HPCAT Antonino Miceli, APS-XSD
12:20pm                                          Break for Lunch  
1:00pm Optics simulations of HPCAT layout Xianbo Shi, APS-XSD
1:30pm Computational developments and machine learning opportunities at APS and beamlines Mathew Cherukara, APS-XSD
2:15pm                                          15 Minute Break  
2:30pm IDD – spectroscopy and inelastic around the world Paul / Yuming - HPCAT
2:50pm Spatial and time resolved measurements with APS/HPCAT-U Jesse / Dean / Guoyin -HPCAT
3:10pm High-P platforms – what we have and potential new developments, ex: d-DAC, PE press, etc. Ross / Guoyin -HPCAT
3:30pm Imaging – possibilities with APS-U Changyong Park, HPCAT
3:45pm Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) project at HPCAT: High pressure material characterization in 3-dimensions using X-ray diffraction-contrast computed tomography Yue Meng, HPCAT
4:00pm                                        Participants dismissed  
4:15pm Core workshop organizers meet to summarize day 2 Nenad/Zulu/Eric/Kevin -HPCAT

                           Friday, Jan. 22, 2021

Discussion about implementation, timelines, and path ahead for HPCAT-U
10:00am Day 3 opening – what has the 1st 2 days told us about HPCAT needs Nenad Velisavljevic, HPCAT
10:15am Layout of existing sector Eric Rod, HPCAT
10:45am HPCAT undulator choice Maddury Somayazulu, HPCAT
11:00am Timeline for the HP-CAT upgrade activities Kevin D’Amico, 137partners, LLC contractor with HPCAT and DCS
11:15am                                           Break  
11:30pm Discussion: Identifying and prioritizing opportunities and target areas to be pursued with HPCAT-U All participants
2:00pm                                  Participants dismissed  
2:15pm Finalize impressions from workshop; assign tasks for completion of report; Summarize part of report Nenad/Zulu/Eric/Kevin -HPCAT
Photo of 3D image of HPCAT layout