at the Advanced Photon Source

Micro-focused white beam Laue diffraction at HPCAT

Laue diffraction setup optimized for microstructural studies at high pressure is available for users at 16BMB beamline of the Advanced Photon Source.

Due to fast data collection, Laue diffraction is a powerful tool for real time microstructural measurements. Despite white beam diffraction being widely implemented, applications of this approach to high pressure area so far are very limited. This is the reason why HPCAT Laue diffraction setup is specifically optimized for high pressure studies. At the same time, other strain generation devices can be used as well.

Some examples of research areas using the new Laue setup include: elastic and plastic deformation under hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic stress, pressure induced phase transitions, and melting and crystallization under high pressure.

The following information is available in real-time mode in a matter of seconds:

  • Crystal morphology
  • Local texture
  • Twinning
  • Orientation relations between inter grown crystals
  • Lattice rotation
  • Deviatoric strain
  • Defects

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