at the Advanced Photon Source

ID-B General Purpose Table

The General Purpose Table is a dedicated end-station for angle-dispersive micro-x-ray diffraction of samples in a diamond anvil cell.

Capabilities include:

  • Powder, polycrystalline and single-crystal techniques
  • Axial and radial geometries
  • Mechanical, pneumatic, and piezoelectric pressure control
  • Cryogenic cooling down to ~15 K (~4 K with large cryostat)
  • Whole-cell (resistive) heating up to ~800 K
  • Static and time-resolved measurements
  • Online ruby and optical microscopes

Additional features and specific configuration choices include:

  • Si(111), Si(220), and Ge(111) monochromator crystals with an energy range ~18-50 keV
  • Large and small KB focusing assemblies for highest flux and highest spatial resolution, respectively
  • Clean-up pinholes from 10-150+ microns
  • Hybrid sample stack that can accommodate up to 30 kg payload with micron precision
  • Beamstop with integrated photodiode
  • PILATUS 1M-F detector (450-micron silicon sensor, 125 Hz imaging frequency)
  • Complementary software for rapid, 2D, on-the-fly transmission and/or x-ray diffraction imaging
  • Flexible end-station design to accommodate special experimental configurations