at the Advanced Photon Source

ID-B General Purpose Table

The General Purpose table is designed to handle a variety of diffraction techniques and different PT experimental conditions:

•    Low-temperature experiments with different cryostats down to 4K
•    Heavy (e.g. graphite) and light resistive heating
•    Special experimental setup (single crystal, etc.)
•    High-resolution diffraction
•    Nonstandard setups

The main features of the General Purpose table setup are:

•    Increased table stability and rigidity
•    Easily accommodates standard diffraction setups based on 3.5” high BK4
      base (General Diffraction with STD setup, Side diffraction)
•    Easy changeover between heavy-duty “cryostat” kinematic base and BK4
•    Heavy-duty sample motor stack can handle sample setups up to 100 kg
      (e.g. cryostat)
•    Dedicated KB mirror system allowing special focusing / unfocused beam
•    Two easily interchangeable detectors: MARCCD and MAR345 imaging
      plate.  Sample to detector distance (MAR345 IP) – 250 to 1100 mm, CCD –
      more flexible
•    Easy integration of online optical systems and remote pressure controls