at the Advanced Photon Source

BMD Beamline Notes

16BMD Beamline Overview:

16-BM-D experimental station is dedicated for micro-focused beam X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and micro-tomography imaging for high-pressure research. The beamline utilizes a fixed-exit geometry of the monochromatic beam with covered energy range of 6-60 keV (ΔE/E = 1.45×10-4) and a robust energy scanning capability with high fidelity energy calibration1. A variety of static compression experiments with diamond anvil cell can be conducted with resistive heating, cryo-cooling, radial geometry X-ray absorption, and parallel beam radiographic imaging measurements combined variously. 

While the beamline has been productive, there has been a constant demand for a higher incident flux to improve the measurement efficiency, especially, for tomographic imaging, time-resolved diffraction, and amorphous/liquid scattering. To promote the incident fluxes without compromising the established techniques, we recently introduced a high-throughput double multilayer monochromator (DMM) to the beamline that allows dual-mode operation together with the double crystal monochromator (DCM). (see Monochromator Section for further details)

In addition, we recently installed a Pilatus3 X CdTe 1M detector (1043 x 981 pixels, 172 µm) to be used as the default diffraction and scattering detector.


1.  C. Park, D. Popov, D. Ikuta, C. Lin, C. Kenney-Benson, E. Rod, A. Bommannavar and G. Shen, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 86 (7), 072205 (2015).